Bottling service

Entrust us the packaging of your beer

The growing diversity of Belgian breweries and their beers is a reality and requires heavy technical investments.

At Anders!, we are pleased to support breweries that prioritize the brewing and fermenting of their beers by offering to outsource bottling, labeling, packaging and possibly refreshing their beers.

Delivery of beer by tank truck

Brew your beer but do not have time to bottle it? Have a tanker delivered to our brewery and we will take care of everything under the strictest quality conditions.

Bottling process

The brewery’s bottling line has been designed to package beer in almost 10 different types of bottles (25cl, 33cl and 75cl). The most common remaining standards, other types of bottles can today also be used.

Filling in barrels

We supply PolyKeg plastic disposable casks, from 20L to 30L, with heads A or S on request.

If you have your own barrel fleet, we can receive them, wash them and fill them up and then go back to your distribution channel.


Economical and simple to design, we suggest you print your labels and paper which will then be glued with conventional glue on each of your bottles.

If you wish, you can deliver your own polypropylene plastic labels, we will also put them on your bottles.