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Anders is a different brewery! We are committed to enriching the beer world. For the sake of quality. For the sake of delicious and innovative beers. Anders! brews your beer the way you like it! We are proud of the beers we make, traditional Belgian beers brewed with respect for craftsmanship, as well as experimental beers which are a breath of fresh air for beer lovers. At Anders!, you can find a whole range of beers, just the way you like them!

Besides brewing excellent beer, we can also help you with developing recipes, providing analyses and filling services! Our new brewery hall and filling line raise our game to a whole new level!


Freethinkers call the shots at Anders!. We are only limited by our high quality. Anything is possible! From traditional Belgian tripel right through to beers with cucumber or even Szechuan peppers! We are committed to creating added value in the beer world, the pride of Belgium which has since conquered the world! We know that setting up a brewery that produces quality beers is not for the faint-hearted, but we appreciate that as a result, many potentially excellent beers never get to see the light of day. Our brewery offers everyone the opportunity to give their creativity free reign, without restriction!

Anyone who is involved with beer professionally, or would like to be in future, needs to get in touch with us! Your beer is our passion!


What we do is no small feat. Every week, we brew a wide range of different beers. This requires careful planning and expertise. Our brewers are specialists in their field and Ruben, our quality manager, closely monitors the brewing and fermentation processes. By brewing differently, we have created added value in the traditional brewing world. New beers, which otherwise would never have seen the light of day, become a reality at Anders! Thanks to our concept, people with great ideas can develop into innovative beer companies and even independent breweries! Reason enough to continue brewing, if you ask us!

Beautiful beers which would otherwise not have seen the light of day, now have a chance to tingle taste buds of beer lovers all over the world.

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Issue 27 - March 2016